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The Survive Climate Change website provides information on Climate Change, including how to survive the dire consequences of catastrophic global heating.


Hey you! Thanks for coming to my site. In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Rob Pyne, the author of this page.

I have a lifelong commitment to supporting the established scientific consensus on climate change.

This page is all about helping people understand climate change and how to implement strategies to cope with its consequences.

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Rob Pyne

I’m Rob Pyne. I made this site as part of my lifelong commitment to helping people understand climate science and what they can do to help combat the warming of our planet.

I am a Quadriplegic, Former MP, Councillor & campaigner. Most importantly, I am an Eco Socialist who shares ways to survive & fight climate change.

I also love Cairns, tropical gardening and providing tips to help other people with disabilities and poor people who struggle.

Rob’s Education and Career

Simon Perry

Simon is a good guy, but is not an author on this site. However, he is a great editor of my content and often rescues us when we have technical difficulties.

Simon is very, very, very trustworthy. Trust me, I said so.

Also, he loves mountain biking and listening to folk music.